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Brateck Steel Laptop Holder Fits10"-15.6" for most desk mounts with standard 75x75/100x100 VESA plate


Trying to work with your monitor and laptop at the same time? Yet, the laptop is far off the eye level and takes up your precious desk space. Meet our NBH-5 of Adjustable Monitor Holders for VESA-Compatible Monitor Arms. Simple and easy to assemble, this adjustable holder will raise your laptop to eye level while at the same time optimizing desk space. It will firmly fix your laptop to the monitor arm to achieve the best monitor and laptop setup!


  • Silicone Pad: prevents the device from scratching and accidental dropping (securely hold the device in place)
  • Easy Assembly: Installation is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Safety Ledge Stopper: prevents your devices from slipping
  • Safety Strap: prevents the device from dropping
  • Specifications

    Dimensions 320x236x58.5mm (12.6"x9.3"x2.3")
    Screen Quantity 1
    Laptop Weight Capacity 4kg (8.8lbs)